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Sightings Report October 21

Humpback peak season is still in full swing! Today was all about our giant cetaceans!I had a little vacation this weekend, and wouldn’t you know it, we had some of the best sightings of the year! We had transient killer whales investigating Ocean Magic II, humpbacks breaching, and yesterday we watched members of L-pod!Today the killer whales seem to have left the area, but theRead More

Oct 21 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 16

Humpbacks humpbacks humpbacks! All the humpbacks were out today.We had a busy day for nearing the end of peak season. Ocean Magic II went out at 12:15pm with Jeff, myself, and Rowan aboard (as well as photographer Marie O’Shaughnessy!), and we had 4 zodiacs! Mark was out at 11am, Rush at 12, and Matt and Rhonda took a gaggle of excited students from Ridley College at 1pm.AllRead More

Oct 16 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 14

Really exceptional day on the water today. Ocean Magic II was out at 9am today with crew Jeff, myself and Matt. We went up Haro Strait to investigate reports of transient killer whales at San Juan Island, and a humpback at Spieden Island. Our first stop took us to Spieden Island itself. There is a very dense collection of exotic animals on Spieden left over from an ill-fated hunting reserve that used to occupy the island. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed watchingRead More

Oct 14 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 12

Holy smokes guys, today was awesome. No fog, almost no rain, and no wind so it was flat calm!We all went for midday departures today, Rush and Matt departed at 11 and 12 respectively, and Ocean Magic II at her usual time slot of 12:15pm. We had a fantastic crew aboard today, Captain Jeff, First Mate Casey, and Claire and myself naturalizing.Rush was ecstatic when he returned to the office from his trip. He found a couple humpbacks just south of Victoria, but his whale sightings didn’t end there.Read More

Oct 12 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 11

Probably the most common question we get while booking people in the office is “is there a better time of day to see whales?” The whales were all over this place today, and it really proved that it doesn’t matter what time you go. Check out last month’s blog post for a summary of when/why we do and don’t see whales.I’m gonna tell you right now, we had aRead More

Oct 11 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 10

Guess what?! No fog today! Ok, that’s not entirely true, we had some fog in the morning, but it dissipated quickly and didn’t stop us finding whales.We had an amazing day both on the water and in the office; lots of people walking in today. We managed to send six zodiacs as well as an Ocean Magic II trip! Mark was first out on the zodiacs at 9am followed by Rush and Bo, they all got two tripsRead More

Oct 10 by Jennifer Dickson