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Sightings Summary Nov 26th-Dec 3rd

So I got very excited last week (it happens a lot when it comes to whales and me, I think I’m in the right line of work).I just had to tell you guys about the SUPER POD!Last Wednesday, November 26th, Skipper Mark took a zodiac of excited passengers out into the middle of nowhere.Not actually, but the whale reports did come from kind of a randomRead More

Dec 04 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report November 26

Ok ok ok! I know I said there wouldn’t be daily reports anymore, but this one is barely a report. Just a little baby snippet, because I couldn’t resist.We found killer whales today! This fact, in and of itself, is not that spectacular. Exciting, wonderful, and awesome, yes. But crazy out of the ordinary? No. In fact, moving forward into the winter, the humpbacks will leave,Read More

Nov 27 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Summary Nov 15th-24th

Wow, this year just won’t quit!Even as the quantity of our trips slows down for the season, the quality remains top notch. We’ve seenwhales on every trip we’ve taken out in November! That’s just bonkers.A little summary of the last week for you:Weekends tend to be our most popular time, and on the 15th and 16th, we sent out two trips per day! Mark took bothRead More

Nov 25 by Jennifer Dickson
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Sightings Report November 4

It was with some quiet and serene passengers that Mark plunged into the unknown this morning. The sky was clear, but the waves were sizable, so Mark opted to stick to calmer water and man, did it pay off!We work very closely with other companies on the water in order to locate whales. No one can do it by themselves, there’s just too much waterRead More

Nov 04 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 31

The weather was confused again today. We had rain in the morning and incredible sunshine in the afternoon. The water was super calm; we had no winds forecast over 5kts!Jeff, Matt and I took Ocean Magic II out at 12:30pm to grey skies and flat water. We left a little late to accommodate a couple of passengers flying over on our Fly-Whales-Fly package (more info onRead More

Oct 31 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 30

Today Ocean Magic II had the pleasure of embarking on a special charter. We were out at 1pm and had an action packed trip!It was me and the boys today! The crew included Captain Jeff, me as First Mate, and Naturalists Matt and Rowan, as well as our Photographer Marie. As always, we work with all the other boats on the water to find whales,Read More

Oct 30 by Jennifer Dickson