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Sightings Report August 18

What a day! No fog, calm water for most of the area, and more whales than we know what to do with!On the Vancouver side things got started at 9am with Anthony, Brittany, Brenley, and Wilma on board Ocean Magic. They found resident killer whales right away off of Point Roberts! Wilma said the viewing was great as they watched members of J-pod spyhop, tail slap, porpoise, and wake ride.On the Victoria side, the zodiacs were first out with Mark on a 9am trip, followed by Rush, Matt W., Bo, Torin, and Rhonda. These guys allRead More

Aug 18 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report August 16

Humpbacks, killer whales, and Pacific white-sided dolphins; oh my!OK, that doesn’t have a great ring to it, but it’s what we saw today and that makes it awesome!The morning started out with lots of fog, in lots of places, but we managed to find some awesome stuff. Ocean Magic punched through the fog outside Vancouver at 9am to find a large group of transient killer whales near Matia Island. They had to move slowly through the fog, andRead More

Aug 16 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report August 15

Today was a lovely, consistent day, with no specific surprises or challenges.The fog we’ve been struggling with the last few days has cleared and conditions were perfect for finding whales. Which we did, on every trip!Ocean Magic left Vancouver with Anthony, Brittany, and Sharon aboard, and they quickly followed up on reports of resident killer whales in Haro Strait! After spotting lots of harbour seals in English Bay it was on to the whales, where Ocean Magic was the first boat on scene! They quicklyRead More

Aug 15 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report August 13

Humpbacks in the morning, killer whales in the afternoon. Whales all day baby, that’s how we roll!We dealt with tricky foggy conditions all day, but every trip managed to find the patches in the fog, and whales in those patches!Things got started in Vancouver with Ocean Magic speeding off the dock at 9am to try and catch up with reports of killer whales off Saturna Island. There Captain Gavin, and crew Brittany, Sharon, and Laurenne found the J16’s, a family group from J-pod that includes a female named Slick and her threeRead More

Aug 14 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report August 12

Today was a perfect example of why we go looking for things when we have no reports…You don’t find things if you don’t go looking!After leaving the residents in the evening, you really have no idea where they’re going to pop up the next morning. Sure, recent sightings can give us an idea of where they’re likely to be, but every day we start from scratch. And this morning, no one knew whereRead More

Aug 13 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report August 8

Another beautiful day under our belts, and more whales than we know what to do with!Ocean Magic, on its way down from Vancouver, crewed by Anthony, Brittany, and Wilma, was one of the first on scene with whales this morning. They caught up with the T65A’s and the T36A’s. Yes, that’s the same two groups of transients that we spotted yesterday, hunting a harbour porpoise.Well, they were at it again! Wilma said they were actively hunting, and clearly fully involved inRead More

Aug 09 by Jennifer Dickson