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Sightings Report September 23

I can die now.I didn’t realize my life would change after seeing a pod of 100 pacific white-sided dolphins but you can’t just walk away unaltered after witnessing what I saw today.Oh shoot, I spoiled the surprise! Well there you have it, we saw around 100 Pacific white-sided dolphins today! I often have passengers tell me that their trip was life changing, or thank us for helping them check somethingRead More

Sep 23 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report September 22

I’ll have to look through the books to confirm this statement, but my gut tells me today may have been the widest variety of cetaceans we’ve seen this year. Maybe ever!I know, I know, that’s quite the declaration but hear me out. This morning Mark was out at 9:30 and he followed reports of resident killer whales way out west. As the day wore on, these whale got too far away for us to find. But weRead More

Sep 22 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report September 18

Resident killer whales, as I have often said, are our bread and butter. We love our transients, and we love our humpbacks and grey whales, and porpoise (and man we have a lot of cetaceans!) but it’s the rezzies that people come from all over the world to see.And today was all about the residents. A few members of J-pod had been sticking around the last few days, but some more J’s, lots of K’s, and even aRead More

Sep 19 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report September 17

Residents in the morning and humpbacks in the afternoon. Sounds like September to me! The rain didn’t stop us today, and despite the grey skies conditions were beautiful on the water. Flat as could be, and completely still, not a breath of wind. It was surreal.Mark was first out on the zodiacs and went bombing out west to catch up with the resident killer whales as they headed out towards to pacific. They’ve been in and out quiteRead More

Sep 17 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report September 16

As I’ve alluded to in the past, the other marine staff (zodiac skippers and Ocean Magic crew) leave me notes from their trips throughout the day so I can summarize all of our sightings and put them in these reports for you. Obviously things are different every day and some people inevitably have better days than others, but I think today was probably the best “all-around” day  of the season for everybody onRead More

Sep 16 by Jennifer Dickson
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Sightings Report September 15

Well I’m back after a little vacation (shout out to Rifflandia!) and could not have asked for a better welcome back party. Incredible conditions, and different whales on almost every trip!The Vancouver boat, Ocean Magic, had a spectacular crossing on the Georgia Strait, which is not known for its calm waters. Wilma said it was the calmest day all season! Things were the same when theyRead More

Sep 15 by Jennifer Dickson