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Babies on Board

“Ok everybody, we’re going to see if we can find the sea otter today! And since it’s just the one otter we see, I think he needs a name. I asked around on Facebook and got some Otto’s and Oscar’s, but if you have a name that strikes you, let me know!”I presented this proposal to the upper deck of Ocean Magic II one morningRead More

Jul 25 by Jennifer Dickson

Zodiac Style

Those keen on their creature comforts might prefer to take their wildlife outing aboard our larger boat, the Ocean Magic 2, with her covered decks, private bathrooms, and pantry service. Real thrill seekers, however, belong on one of our rigid hull inflatables, or RIBs.Often referred to as Zodiacs (the brand name of one of the original and most popular designs) RIBs originated as rudimentary rescueRead More

Jul 22 by Matt Whelan

Sightings Reports

You are among the almost 1000 people that receive our Sightings Reports daily, and we want you to be able to continue to stay up to date on our most recent whale and wildlife sightings!There is some legislation going in to effect on July 1st, 2014 that will affect our ability to converse with you. It’s called Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) and all you needRead More

Jul 21 by Jennifer Dickson

Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure Oct 26

Today’s Marine Wildlife Adventure was pure magic! Our skipper Jeff headed us out south west to find Transient Killer Whales. Our crew of Casey, Mika and Jen passed along to our guests a wealth of information about this amazing marine ecosystem. These apex marine predators were working their way south, rising as a group for air and then back down. This was just the beginningRead More

Oct 30 by Alan McGillivray

Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure Oct 20

Our Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure took us west to find Three Humpback Whales. Our Skipper Jeff put us in perfect position to view these amazing animals. They would raise their flukes high in the air as they took their deep dives. Truly a wonderful sight to witness. Our crew of Casey, Mika and Jen passed along a wealth of information about these gentle giantsRead More

Oct 23 by Alan McGillivray

Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure Oct 17

It truly is peek season for Humpback Whales in this area. New ones show up almost daily and some familiar ones return, seeking the rich, cold waters of the Salish sea that surrounds this area. Capt Jeff in the wheelhouse of the12.15, Ocean Magic II vessel this Thursday afternoon, headed us out of the Victoria Harbour, and set a course west. We were hoping toRead More

Oct 21 by Alan McGillivray