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Sightings Report October 30

Today Ocean Magic II had the pleasure of embarking on a special charter. We were out at 1pm and had an action packed trip!It was me and the boys today! The crew included Captain Jeff, me as First Mate, and Naturalists Matt and Rowan, as well as our Photographer Marie. As always, we work with all the other boats on the water to find whales,Read More

Oct 30 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 28

Ocean Magic II was all alone on the water today. We had the ocean all to ourselves! While we heard about some other companies going out later this afternoon, at 12:15pm we were literally the only whale watching boat on the water.But this time of year, that’s no problem. Jeff, Matt and I know where to find our local giants! Humpbacks. Humpbacks everywhere! We actuallyRead More

Oct 28 by Jennifer Dickson
two humpies togetherCopy

Sightings Report October 26

We went both east and west today, and found humpbacks everywhere!It’s really quite a feeling in October to go out, and basically assume that you’re going to find whales. We never take whales for granted. We know they can disappear at any moment. They can take off and disappear for days or weeks at a time. Even while we’re watching them we keep a diligentRead More

Oct 26 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 25

Guess what? More humpbacks today! We had some…interesting conditions to deal with on the water, but our big boat full of gung-ho passengers appreciated the adventure (or was it the hot chocolate?).It was with a light sprinkling of rain that Jeff, Casey, Andrea, and I, aboard Ocean Magic II, made our way through the calm waters of the harbour this afternoon.And then we reached the harbourRead More

Oct 25 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 24

Another gorgeous whale filled day out there!Things are a little chilly on the water nowadays, but the hot chocolate on Ocean Magic II makes it all better. And cold water is actually more productive than warm water, so we have these chilly days to thank for the astounding variety of wildlife we are so grateful to have the opportunity to view.Ocean Magic II was firstRead More

Oct 24 by Jennifer Dickson

Sightings Report October 23

Guess what? More humpbacks today! Between Mark’s zodiac trip at 12:30 and Ocean Magic II’s 12:15 trip with Jeff, Matt and I, we saw at least 12 different whales!Peak humpback season is still in full swing as we approach the end of October. These guys are obviously finding some good feeding areas and filling up their stomachs before they head south. Humpback whales all overRead More

Oct 23 by Jennifer Dickson